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Solving the problem that never seems to go away
Membership renewal starts with a basic and undeniable truth,
Different members renew for different reasons.
Discover and then target the reasons to the right members and they are far more likely to renew. Prior to the Membership-Renewal Program, no one could do it. Many experts said you should, but they didn't say how you could.

There's no software to buy and the program is done in three simple steps.

1. Use the special membership-renewal form that gives members 100 points to distribute to explain their needs and why they may renew.

2. Assign each member a code based on the most important information on the form.

3. Then target them with renewal letters or messages relevant to their specific needs. These are personal, powerful, and specific or what you might call the opposite of mass mailings.

Now read about the game where you get a chance to see how this is done. Welcome to the world of solving the problem that never seems to go away!
Someone said to me that every great game needs a monster to vanquish. Therefore for you will be fighting the:

Mumbling, misguided, meandering, mirage-making, mealy-mouthed mass-marketing monster making miscalculations, mainly meaning member motivations matter!